Jason Inman, Ashley Victoria Robinson Discuss New All-Ages Comic JUPITER JET

Following the death of her father 16-year-old Jacqueline "Jacky" Johnson inherits a jetpack with a mysterious power source and together with her brother, Chuck, and their cat she must protect her home from a threat that may - or may not - be from this Earth!

Written by husband and wife team of Top Cow Head Editor Ashley Victoria Robinson and DC All-Access' Jason InmanJupiter Jet is an all-ages story releasing June 12, 2018 from Action Lab Entertainment. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the graphic novel features a strong female lead as readers explore the hero's origin as she realizes her destiny as Jupiter Jet!

In the interview below, Ashley Victoria Robinson and Jason Inman talk to Diamond about the inspiration behind Jupiter Jet. For more information on the creators and the series, visit their social media profiles at the following links:

Jason Inman on Twitter • @Jawiin
Ashley Victoria Robinson on Twitter • @Ashleyvrobinson
Jupiter Jet on Twitter • @JupiterJetComic

Ashley Kronsberg: Can you two give us some background on what inspired this story?

Robinson & Inman: A couple years ago we were having a meal and Ashley blurted out, “I have an idea for a comic book and it’s called Jupiter Jet and that’s it.” and it all spiraled out from there. Jason jumped in immediately with ideas for Chuck and Puddles and it was during that same meal that we came up with the twist that happens at the end of Jupiter Jet #5.

It’s fun now to look back at jokes, characters and plot details that made it into the first volume from that initial brainstorm. A lot of the idea came out fully formed.

Ashley Kronsberg: What led to the decision to frame this story through the relationship between a brother and sister? What is the significance of this relationship to the larger story?

Robinson & Inman: All great stories have characters that we as the reader can relate to. It was important for us to make you, the reader, go on the journey of the jetpack with Jacky. That way once she started encountering robots and villains, you could feel the story and her world change just like Jacky does.

It was also important for Jacky Johnson to have an alliterative name that echoed Jupiter Jet when we were coming up with her given name. Chuck is named after Chuck Yeager, of course. From the very beginning we knew that Chuck was going to be the mechanic and that he was going to play an active role in the evolution and shaping of his sister’s identity as Jupiter Jet.

The Johnson parents were always going to be out of the picture, even though that’s not necessarily the focus of the Jupiter Jet narrative. That’s one of the reasons that we wanted to be able to take a look back at Clementine and Jonathan. Their absence forces Jacky and Chuck to rely on each other more heavily and to act a little more adult than maybe some of their contemporaries.

Ashley Kronsberg: Jupiter Jet is filled with bright colors, fantastic action, and humor, but is still laced with greater thought-provoking themes throughout. What was it like balancing these elements?

Robinson & Inman: It’s a delicate balance. Our first couple drafts, particularly on Jupiter Jet #1, were very serious and very dour. It became an active part of the writing process to make sure that the book was still fun and that Jacky had the option to act her age, make jokes and react in a way that didn’t make her feel like an adult crammed into an adolescent body. The further along into the series we got the easier it was.

As for the bright colors, we worked very closely during the first issue with our colorist (Mara Jayne Carpenter), to establish the color palate that we wanted for Jupiter Jet #1. We had specific tones in mind for things like the different power sources that are introduced throughout the series, the color of Jacky’s hair and Praetor Pluto’s eyes. By the time we got to the final issue Mara had it down pat and was able to bring some real beauty to the double-page spread that is seen in issue 5.

Ashley Kronsberg: Can you two dive into how technology influenced this story? What set into stone the use of the jetpack for example?

Robinson & Inman: The jetpack was integral from the beginning - it’s right there in her hero name! - so there was never any question nor argument as to whether or not Jacky would be working with anything else.

The other technologies these heroic kids encounter, the ray guy and robots for example, all came about as the giant metaphor of our story. As our heroine discovers that her world is not what she thinks it is, we wanted her to discover new and strange technologies that she doesn’t understand. This helps her confront the main theme of our story. Like all sixteen year olds, just because you think you know everything, doesn’t mean it’s true. So the future technology was a constant reminder to Jacky that she doesn’t know about everything out there and that’s ok.

Ashley Kronsberg: And of course, if you had to pick a favorite, was there any one character that was the most enjoyable to write?

Robinson & Inman: Chuck has a real ability to take over a scene. He’s a lippy little kid with a lot of attitude who is smarter than everyone else around him and he knows it. There were certain points where we had to remind ourselves that Jupiter Jet is Jacky’s story and not Chuck’s - although just to tease, he will have a more active role to take on in the second volume.

For Ashley, it is Jacky. There are so many things that she admires about who Jacky and so much that she is excited to see her get into as the Jupiter Jet story continues to unfold.

For Jason, it’s Chuck. Like all ten year old boys, he has to constantly poke and prod at anything even in his dialogue. An explosive character like him is a pleasure to write, and I’m eager to write him growing up in the future volumes. 


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