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Title Release Date Notes
The Hateful Eight  JANUARY 1 The eighth film by director Quentin Tarantino is a classic western where a group of eight people take refuge in a stagecoach stop during a blizzard.
 Kung Fu Panda 3  JANUARY 29   Po (Jack Black) returns for the third installment of the franchise to face off against two different threats—one supernatural and one right under his nose.
 Deadpool FEBRUARY 12   Ryan Reynolds stars as the "merc with a mouth" in this new film based on the Marvel character.
 Zootopia MARCH 4   The 55th feature animted film from Walt Disney Studios, Zootopia follows a spitfire fox framed for a crime he didn't commit who has to go on the lam with his worst enemy.
 Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice  MARCH 25   Zak Snyder directs this new film that sees the Man Of Steel going toe-to-toe with the Dark Knight. Aquaman and Wonder Woman are also set to make an appearance.

 The Jungle Book APRIL 15   A live action re-telling of the story of Mowgli, an orphaned boy raised in the jungle by animals.
 The Huntsman Winter's War APRIL 22    In this twist on the the Snow White tale, the title character (Chris Hemsworth) must go on a quest for a magic mirror after upsetting the Snow Queen (Emily Blunt).
Ratchet and Clank  APRIL 29    Based on the popular video game series, Ratchet and Clank must stop an alien from destroying every planet in the galaxy by joining forces with The Galactic Rangers.
Captain America: Civil War   MAY 6   In this third installment of the hit film franchise Captain America turns on Iron Man and leaves the Avengers in disarray.
 Angry Birds MAY 20   Based on the popular game, this animated adaptation sees the struggle between birds and pigs continue on the big screen.
X-Men: Apocalypse  MAY 27   The next installment of the recent X-Men reboot sees the X-Men face off against the first mutant, Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac).
 Alice Through the Looking Glass  MAY 27  Alice (Mia Wasikowska) returns to Wonderland to save the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) in this sequel to the hit Tim Burton film.
 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows  JUNE 3  The Turtles return with new enemies and a new ally (with Steve Amell portraying Casey Jones) in this sequel to the 2014 film reboot.
Electra Woman & Dyna Girl  JUNE 7 The classic Sid and Marty Krofft superheroes are back as YouTube stars Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart in this digital release. 
Warcraft  JUNE 10   Based on Blizzard Entertainment's hit MMO World Of Warcraft, this new film adaptation that sees the Alliance pitted against the Horde. 

 Finding Dory JUNE 17   A superstar cast including Alexander Skarsgard, Margot Robbie, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson bring the story of Tarzan to life in this epic re-telling.
 Independence Day: Resurgence JUNE 24   Earth will once again tussle with extraterrestrial forces in the first part of this sequel to the hit 1996 film.
The Legend of Tarzan JULY 1 A superstar cast including Alexander Skarsgard, Margot Robbie, Christoph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson bring the story of Tarzan to life in this epic re-telling.
 Ghostbusters JULY 15   The newest movie in the Ghostbusters franchise will have a team of four women who battle scary spectres to save Manhattan from metaphyical menaces.
Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets   JULY 21   Director Luc Besson adapts the French comic series "Valerian and Laureline" about a misson to discover if the alien race are a danger to Earth.
Star Trek: Beyond  JULY 22   Director Justin Lin helms this third installment of the hit franchise that follows the USS Enterprise and its crew.
 Suicide Squad   AUGUST 5  Based on the DC property of the same name, a secret government agency recruits some of the most notorious villains to carry out its dirty work.
 Kubo and the Two Strings  AUGUST 19  The new stop motion masterpiece from Laika Studios foucuses on the tale of Kubo, a Japanese boy who must fight gods and monsters to stop an age old vendetta.
Monster High OCTOBER 7 The scary world of Monster High is coming to life on the big screen in this live action adaption of the popular doll franchise.
Underworld: Blood Wars OCTOBER 21 For the fifth instalment of the Underworld franchise the story follows Selene's (Kate Beckinsale) hybrid vampire/werewolf daughter.
Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders  NOVEMBER 1 Adam West, Burt Ward, and Julie Newmar return to Batman in an all new animated feature taking place in the Batman 66 world.  
Doctor Strange  NOVEMBER 4 Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Dr. Stephen Strange in this new Marvel film that focuses on the supernatural superhero.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them NOVEMBER 18 A spin off/prequel of the Harry Potter series, Fantastic Beasts follows the adventures of Newt Scamander (Eddie Redmayne) in 1920s New York City.
Officer Downe NOVEMBER 18  Based on the Image Comic, Officer Downe can't be stopped by death and returns to the streets to fight crime. 
Moana NOVEMBER 23 This new Disney animated feature film is based on Polynesian folklore and follows a young woman named Moana as she journeys out to sea. 
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story DECEMBER 16 A new stand-alone film set in the Star Wars universe bewteen the events of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Episode IV: A New Hope, directed by Gareth Edwards.
Assassin's Creed DECEMBER 21 Based on Ubisoft's hit video game franchise, this movie adaptation starring Michael Fassbender follows a man kidnapped by a mysterious corporation and forced to relive his past life as an assassin with the aid of a machine called the "Animus."
Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive  TBA 2016 A feature length digital release tied to the upcoming video game, and will feature the voice talents of Lena Headey, Sean Bean, and Aaron Paul.

Title Release Date Notes
The Dark Tower JANUARY 13, 2017 Stephen King's long running Dark Tower series will get a movie about Gunslinger Roland and his search for the dark tower to save his dying world.
Captain Underpants JANUARY 13, 2017 Based on the bestselling children's comic series, this family friendly feature stars Ed Helms as the title character.
Friday the 13th JANUARY 13, 2017 In this remake of the classic slasher film, a new generation will learn the terror of Camp Crystal Lake and Jason Voorhees.
Resident Evil: The Final Chapter JANUARY 27, 2017  In the fifth installment of the Resident Evil movie franchise Alice (Milla Jovovich) must stop the Red Queen from wiping out humanity.
The Lego Batman Movie FEBRUARY 10, 2017 The next wave of Lego movie madness kicks off with this Chris McKay directed spin-off the will see Will Arnett reprise his role as the Dark Knight.
The Wolverine 2 MARCH 3, 2017 A planned sequel to 2013's The Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman as the titular hero.
Kong: Skull Island MARCH 10, 2017  King Kong returns in a film showcasing his origins starring Brie Larson, Tom Hiddleston, Samuel L. Jackson, and John C. Reilly.
Power Rangers MARCH 24, 2017 In this movie reboot of the 1990's TV series a group of high schoolers must band together to defeat evil alien forces.
Get Smurfy MARCH 31,2017 The Smurfs return in a new all-animation feature with Kelly Asbury directing and Mary Ellen Bauder and Jordan Kerner co-producing.
Ghost In The Shell MARCH 31, 2017 Scarlett Johansson stars as Major Matoko Kusanagi in director Ruper Sanders's live-action adaptation of Masamune Shirow's seminal sci-fi manga series of the same name. 
Guardians Of the Galaxy Vol.2 MAY 5, 2017 James Gunn will once again direct this Marvel film that follows an intergalactic group of unlikely heroes.
Pirates Of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales  MAY 26, 2017 Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) returns for this fifth installment of the hit franchise.
Wonder Woman JUNE 2, 2017 Gal Gadot stars as the Amazonian princess in this solo film about the DC superheroine, as she departs Paradise Island to right wrongs in the world throughout.
The Mummy JUNE 9, 2017 A reboot of the Mummy franchise, directed by Alex Kurtzman and starring Tom Cruise.
Cars 3 JUNE 16, 2017 John Lasseter returns to Radiator Springs in this fun sequel to the hit franchise.
Kingsman:The Golden Circle JUNE 16, 2017  A sequel to the blockbuster film, based on the comic series from Mark Millar.
Transformers: The Last Knight  JUNE 23, 2017 The fifth installment in the long running film franchise based on the Hasbro toy line.
How To Train Your Dragon 3  JUNE 29, 2017 Hiccup and Toothless return for the final act of this hit animated franchise.
Uncharted JUNE 30, 2017  In the movie adaptation of the hit video game franchise Nathan Drake is on the hunt for the fabled city of El Dorado.
Spider-Man: Homecoming JULY 7, 2017 This film will launch the re-vamped character and mark the superhero's first solo film foray after Sony Pictures and Marvel's agreement
War of the Planet Of The Apes JULY 14, 2017 The planned third installment of the hit prequel series for the Planet Of The Apes film franchise.
Alien: Covenant  AUGUST 4, 2017 Director Ridley Scott returns to the Alien franchise with a sequel to the Alien prequel film, Prometheus. 
The Coldest City AUGUST 11, 2017 Sofia Boutella, James McAvoy, and Charlize Theron bring the Oni Press spy thriller to the big screen as spies in Berlin on the eve of the Wall's collapse.
Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu SEPTEMBER 22, 2017 The next film in the growing Lego movie franchise features ninjas, samurai, dragons, armies of snake men, and promises more action than you can shake a brick at.
Untitled Fox/Marvel Film OCTOBER 6, 2017 An untitled 20th Century Fox Feature Film, using characters that are part of the Marvel universe.
Blade Runner Sequel OCTOBER 6, 2017 Harrison Ford returns to his role as Deckard in the sequel to Ridley Scott's 1982 sci-fi masterpiece. 
Thor: Ragnarok NOVEMBER 3, 2017 In this third installment of the Marvel film franchise, Thor must take up his hammer once more to save Asgard from the Norse apocalypse, Ragnarok. 
My Little Pony NOVEMBER 3, 2017 A feature film story featuring the popular Friendship is Magic characters as they embark on a journey to save their home.
Justice League  NOVEMBER 17, 2017 Zak Snyder directs this new film that sees the greatest heroes of the DC comic universe must come together to combat a threat far beyond their individual abilites. 
Coco NOVEMBER 22, 2017 Based on the Dia de los Muertos holiday, this tale follows the discovery of a generations old mystery.
Star Wars: Episode VIII DECEMBER 15, 2017 Rian Johnson directs this next installment in the on-going Star Wars film franchise. 
Avatar 2 DECEMBER 25, 2017  The sequel to the 2009 hit film follows the futher adventures of Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) on the alien world of Pandora.
Transformers 5 TBA 2017 The Autobots and Decepticons return in the fifth installment of the Transformers franchise.
Bloodshot TBA 2017 Based on the Valiant character, this live action film follows the story of a former soldier turned bio-weapon.
Rampage TBA 2017  A live action action adventure based on the 1980's arcade game about monsters and apes destroying cities.
Untitled Female Spider-Man Movie TBA 2017  A movie set in the Spider-Man universe featuring a female lead character.

Title Release Date Notes 
Black Panther FEBRUARY 16, 2018 Chadwick Boseman stars as the eponymous superhero in this new solo film following the Marvel character. When T'Challa's father is killed, he leaves behind a kingdom and a costume that comes with its own mysertious legacy.
Untitled Fox/Marvel Film MARCH 2, 2018 An untitled 20th Century Fox Feature Film, using characters that are part of the Marvel universe.
The Predator MARCH 2, 2018  A sequel to the 1987 classic sci-fi film, written and directed by Shane Black. 
The Flash MARCH 16, 2018 Ezra Miller stars as Barry Allen and his super speedy alter-ego in this new film that focuses on the DC hero.
Tomb Raider (2018)  MARCH 16, 2018 A reboot of the 2001 film based on the long running video game series, this time Lara Croft will be protrated by Ocsar winner Alicia Vikander. 
Ready Player One MARCH 30, 2018 Based on the bestselling novel, director Steven Spielberg takes us into a world of real life video games.
Untitled Universal Monster Movie APRIL 13, 2018 An untitled Universal Studios film featuring one of the studio's classic monsters.
Avengers: Infinity War Part I MAY 4, 2018 The Marvel team must assemble once more to go up against Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet.
Untitled Han Solo Star Wars Anthology Film MAY 25, 2018   A new adventure in the Star Wars universe featuring Han Solo in his own film.
 Transformers 6  JUNE 8, 2018 The sixth installment in the long running film franchise based on the Hasbro toy line. 
Toy Story 4 JUNE 15, 2018 John Lasseter directs this next installment of the hit Pixar franchise.
Jurassic World 2 JUNE 22, 2018 Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard will once again star in the sequel to 2016 spectacle of dinosaur mayhem.
Untitled Fox/Marvel Character Film JUNE 29, 2018 An untitled 20th Century Fox Feature Film featuring a Marvel Comics character.
Ant-Man and the Wasp JULY 6, 2018   A sequel to the Paul Rudd Ant-Man film, featuring Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp.
Alita: Battle Angel JULY 20, 2018 Directors Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron are bringing the classic anime about a deadly female cyborg assassin to the big screen as an American live action film staring Rosa Salazar. 
Aquaman JULY 27, 2018 Jason Momoa stars as the Atlantean monarch in this new feature film starring the DC superhero.
Untitled Warner Bros/DC Comics Film OCTOBER 5, 2018 An untitled Warner Bros. film featuring a DC Comics character.
Animated Spider-Man DECEMBER 21, 2018 The Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are set to write and produce this new animated outing of the web-slinger.
Sonic the Hedgehog  TBA 2018 A live action and animated hybrid, this film will follow the adventures of the world's fastest hedgehog and his pals. 
S.C.O.O.B. TBA 2018 An all new Scooby Doo movie that will launch the Hanna-Barbera Cinematic Universe.
The Lego Movie Sequel FEBRUARY 8, 2019 The smash hit animated feature returns for a second outing that promises to be even more awesome.
Untitled Universal Monster Movie FEBRUARY 15, 2019 An untitled Universal Studios film featuring one of the studio's classic monsters.
Captain Marvel MARCH 8, 2019 The popular Marvel superheroine gets her own solo film that follows a normal human woman who receives amazing abilities from the alien empire of Kree.
Godzilla 2 MARCH 22, 2019 The sequel to the Legendary Pictures American reboot of the Godzilla franchise. 
Shazam! APRIL 5, 2019 Based on DC's Captail Marvel, this new film follows a young boy named Billy Batson who is able to transform into an incredible hero with just one word. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson will star as antagonist Black Adam.
Avengers: Infinity War Part II MAY 3, 2019 The second part to the new Marvel film series that saw the Avenegrs pitted against Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet.
Star Wars: Episode IX  MAY 25, 2019 Director Colin Trevorrow leads the ninth episode in the Star Wars film franchise. 
Minecraft MAY 25, 2019 A big screen adaptation of the massively popular pixelated video game, with Rob McElhenney attached to direct. 
Justice League Part II JUNE 14, 2019 DC's superhero team returns for the next installment of the new film franchise.
The Incredibles 2 JUNE 21, 2019   A sequel to the cult classic animated superhero film by writer and director Brad Bird.
Transformers 7 JUNE 28, 2019 The seventh installment in the long running film franchise based on the Hasbro toy line.
Indiana Jones 5 JULY 19, 2019 Harrison Ford and Steven Spielberg return for a fifth installment of the Indiana Jones franshise. 
Untitled Warner Bros/DC Comics Film NOVEMBER 1, 2019 An untitled Warner Bros. film featuring a DC Comics character.
Cyborg APRIL 3, 2020 Ray Fisher stars as the cybernetically-enhanced superhero in this new film that focuses on the DC character.
Untitled Marvel Studio Film MAY 1, 2020 An untitled Marvel Feature Film, part of the Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Godzilla vs. Kong  MAY 29, 2020 It's the king of apes versus the king of lizards in this highly anticipated showdown. 
Untitled Marvel Studio Film JULY 10, 2020 An untitled Marvel Feature Film, part of the Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Green Lantern Corps JULY 24, 2020 A feature film focusing on the interstellar police force of the Green Lantern Corps.
Untitled Marvel Studio Film NOVEMBER 6, 2020 An untitled Marvel Feature Film, part of the Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Title Start Date Notes
Ultimate Spider-Man vs the Sinister 6 FEBRUARY 21, 2016 Season 4 of the series sees Spider-Man becoming a full-fledged member of the Avengers, and take on his greatest enemies in the Sinister 6.
Avengers Assemble MARCH 13, 2016 Season 3, subtitled Avengers: Ultron Revolution will have Earth's Mightest Heroes take on the robotic threat.
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic MARCH 26, 2016 The ponies continue their adventures in Equestria in the next season of this hit animated series.
Steven Universe MAY 12, 2016 Steven Universe is the youngest member of the Crystal Gems—a superpowered team of warriors that protect the world from evil. When not saving the day, he and the other gems (Garnet, Amythest, and Pearl) get into adventures in hometown headquarters, Beach City.
The Strain AUGUST 28, 2016 Based on a novel trilogy of the same name by Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan, this series centers on a pandemic crisis that turns its victims into vampiric creatures born from an ancient evil.
The Tick AUGUST 19, 2016 The cult classic character returns to live action with a pilot order from Amazon, starring Peter Serafinowicz, Jackie Earle Haley, and more. 
Gotham SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 With the criminal underworld in upset, a new villain is poised to rise to the top and watch Gotham crumble.
Lucifer SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 Dissatisfied with his reign as the Lord of Hell, Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) decides to hightail it to Los Angeles and offer his aid to the LAPD and run a nightclub on the side.
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. SEPTEMBER 20, 2016 Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) leads an elite team of law-enforcement agents as they investigate superhero related strange occurrences and try to contain the Inhuman menace.  
Star Wars Rebels SEPTEMBER 24, 2016 Set five years before the events of Episode IV, this 3D animated series follows a group of rebels as they traverse space on a freighter starship called the Ghost.
Ash vs Evil Dead OCTOBER 2, 2016 30 years after the events of the original Evil Dead, a listless Ash (Bruce Campbell) has done his best to avoid responsibility and his past. However, when a deadite plague threatens to overrun the planet, he may be the only thing standing between life and total undead destruction.
The Flash OCTOBER 4, 2016 This new series based on the DC superhero of the same name follows a young Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) as he uses his newfound powers to protect Central City.
Arrow OCTOBER 5, 2016 Based on DC's Green Arrow, this series stars Stephen Amell as the superhero and his alter-ego Oliver Queen.
Supergirl OCTOBER 10, 2016 After escaping the destruction of Krypton, a young Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist) escapes to Earth where she is taken in by a foster family and must keep her superpowers hidden. But after growing up and moving to National City, Kara soon realizes she'll need those very powers to help protect her new home.
Vixen OCTOBER 13, 2016 The animated adventures of Vixen return to CW Seed complete with guest appearances from The Flash, Firestorm, and Weather Wizard. 
Legends of Tomorrow OCTOBER 13, 2016 A spin off from The CW series Arrow and The Flash, this ensemble show focuses on lesser know DC Heroes as Rip Hunter travels back in time to bring together a team to stop Vandal Savage from destroying the world.

Title Returns To Air Notes
Teen Titans Go! OCTOBER 20, 2016 This animated series focuses on the Titans during their days-off from saving the world as they try to navigate being super-powered teenagers. 
Sonic Boom OCTOBER 22, 2016 Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Amy return for this all-new animated adventure. Fans can expect to see many familiar faces and new friends along the way.
AMC's The Walking Dead OCTOBER 23, 2016 Based on the comic series of the same name, Rick Grimes and what remains of the survivors return to outlive the undead.
Adventure Time OCTOBER 26, 2016 Finn, Jake, and the other inhabitants of Ooo get into even more absurd adventures in the latest season of the hit animated series.
Z Nation TBA 2016 Three years after a zombie virus decimates the human race, a group finds and must transport the only known human to survive a zombie bite to save the world.
Bravest Warriors TBA 2016 Pendleton Ward's animated web-series of four teenaged heroes-for-hire returns for more intergalactic advenutres for its third season.
Regular Show TBA 2016 Mordecai and Rigby return for this eighth season of the hit animated series to wreak more havoc at work.
iZombie TBA 2016 Loosely-based on the Vertigo comic of the same name, this new series follows a young medical student named Olivia Moore (Rose McIver) who begins working in a coroner's office to satiate her hunger for human flesh after becoming a partial zombie. However, her condition does come with the handy side-effect of being able to see the memories of the brains she consumes. 
Voltron: Legendary Defender JANUARY 20, 2017 The mighty warior Voltron returns after 10,000 years to protect the universe from evil in this all new Netflix series from Dreamworks.
Attack on Titan  SPRING 2017 The massively popular anime's second season is set to be simulcast for American fans when Eren, Levi, Mikasa, and the rest of the Survey Corps return. 
Orphan Black TBA 2017 The hit sci-fi series returns for a final season as Sarah and Kira continue to try and evade capture from the groups that want them dead.
Preacher TBA 2017 Based on the Vertigo series, Jessie Custer is a small town preacher who merges with a heavenly being and then embarks on a journey to literally find God, along with his ex-girlfriend Tulip and a vampire named Cassidy.
Game Of Thrones TBA 2017 Based on author George R.R. Martin's hit novel series, season seven will continue with more shocks, twists, and deaths.
Doctor Who TBA 2017 Peter Capaldi returns as the Twelfth Doctor in the next season of the hit sci-fi series.
Sherlock TBA 2017 Benedict Cumberbatch returns as the Worlds' Greatest Detective in the hit BBC series.
Guardians of the Galaxy Animated Series TBA 2017 The Guardians return for a new round of intergalactic adventures in this animated series based on the comic and budding film franchise. 
Fear The Walking Dead TBA 2017 This new spin-off of the Walking Dead series follows Sean Cabrera (Cliff Curtis), a divorced teacher, and Nancy (Kim Dickens), a guidance counselor, as they try to survive in the city of Los Angeles.
Jessica Jones TBA 2018 Part of Marvel and Netflix's on-going television programming collaboration, the second season follows Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), a former superhero turned private investigator.
Marvel's Daredevil TBA 2018 Based on the Marvel character of the same name, this new Netflix-exclusive series follows Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) as he practices law by day and lays down the law as the superhero Daredevil by night.
Outcast TBA Based on the Image Comic series by Robert Kirkman this supernatural Cinemax show follows a man who has been plagued by demonic possession his whole life. 

Title  Release Date Notes
Marvel's Luke Cage SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 The follow-up series to Daredevil and Jessica Jones, Mike Colter is bringing the newest superpowered hero to Netflix.
Star Trek: Discovery JANUARY 2017 Just in time for the franchise's 50th anniversary, Star Trek will return to the small screen in a new series produced by Alex Kurtzman.
The Defenders 2017 The heroes of Hell's Kitchen team up in this Marvel Netflix series featuring the characters of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist.
Legion  2017 A drama following David Haller, a schizophrenic who may just be the most powerful mutant alive if he doesn't lose his mind first. 
Riverdale TBA  A Twin Peaks style drama featuring the characters of Archie Comics comies to The CW.
Powerless  TBA The first comedy series set in the world of DC Comics, Vanessa Hudgens works for an insurance firm that covers superhero damage.  
Cloak and Dagger TBA A superhero romance, this Freeform show follows two teenage runaways with extraordinary powers.
Justice League Action  TBA The heroes of DC Comics return to animation with an all new serreis featuring Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and other members of the Justice League. 
Iron Fist  TBA Iron Fist (Finn Jones) is joining the heroes of Hell's Kitchen in this new Marvel Netflix's series.
The Boys TBA Seth Rogen is directing this Cinemax superhero show based on the dark and darkly comedic comics by Garth Ennis.

Title Release Date Notes
Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam JANUARY 22, 2016 Cult classics collide in this crossover between the Paper Mario and Super Mario RPG series.
 Final Fantasy Explorers   JANUARY 26, 2016  In this action role-playing game from Square Enix players must collect crystals that have been scattered across the world.
 Lego Marvel's Avengers  JANUARY 26, 2016  Play as one of over one hundred Marvel characters to stop Loki and Ultron from taking over the world.
 XCOM 2 FEBRUARY 5, 2016   A sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown, the story takes place 20 years later after XCOM lost the war against the alien menace.
 Battleborn  FEBRUARY 9, 2016  A first-person shooter from Gearbox studios featuring multiplayer online battle arena quests.
 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 FEBRUARY 9, 2016   The fourth fighting game in the Ultimate Ninja Storm series, play as all of your favorite Naruto characters and pit them against each other in battle.
 Mighty No. 9 FEBRUARY 9, 2016   One of the most sucessful video game Kickstarters is finally coming to PC and consoles with this 2D platformer from the creator of Mega Man.
Street Fighter V FEBRUARY 16, 2016 Battle with over 15 of your favorite characters in the latest installment of Street Fighter.
  Deus Ex: Mankind Divided FEBRUARY 23, 2016   Set two years after the events in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Adam Jensen returns to stop terrorist attacks and find who controls his own organisation.
 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2  FEBRUARY 23, 2016  A sequel to the enormously popular tower defense series, defend your yard once again as the zombies try to eat your brains. 
 Far Cry Primal  FEBRUARY 23, 2016   In this new addition to the Far Cry franchise players travel back to the Stone Age to go from an unarmed hunter to leader of a tribe.
The Walking Dead: Michonne FEBRUARY 23, 2016 A new mini-series that brings fan favorite character Michonne to the world of Telltale's The Walking Dead. 
Hitman MARCH 11, 2016 The sixth installment in the Hitman franchise, players once again control Agent 47 as he travels the world to assassinate his targets. 
Day of the Tentacle: Remastered MARCH 22, 2016 An HD remake of the classic LucasArts point and click adventure game with all new graphics and music.
Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness MARCH 31, 2016 Taking place between Star Ocean: The Second Story and Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, the story takes players to the planet Faykreed, 6000 light years from Earth.

Quantum Break APRIL 5, 2016 A time travel experiment has gone wrong and it's up to Jack Joyce (Shawn Ashmore), Beth Wilder, and Paul Serene to fix the time-space rip.
Dark Souls III APRIL 12, 2016 The third installment in the popular dungeon crawler, you must again travel across the land, killing monsters and getting loot.
Star Fox Zero APRIL 22, 2016 A reboot of the classic Star Fox series that has players helping Fox McCloud, along with Falco, Peppy, and Slippy to save the universe from the latest threat.
Uncharted 4: A Thief's End MAY 10, 2016 Nathan Drake's greatest adventure yet, as he uncovers a conspiracy behind a lost pirate colony and it's fabled pirate treasure.
DOOM MAY 13, 2016 Return to Mars to fight space demons in the fourth version of the groundbreaking first person shooter.
 Mirror's Edge Catalyst  MAY 24, 2016 A prequel to 2008's Mirror's Edge video game, players will once again control Faith as she moves through the futuristic city of Glass.
 We Happy Few  JULY 26 2016 In this Orwellian survival horror game, you are part of an underground resistance trying to escape from a town where everyone must be happy, no matter what.
Attack on Titan  AUGUST 30, 2016 Following the storyline of the anime, this game put you in control of members in the Survey Corps as they fight the Titan menace. 
World of Warcraft: Legion AUGUST 30, 2016 The sixth World of Warcraft expansion which introduces nine new dungeons, two raids, and Demon Hunters as playable characters. 
Conan Exiles  TBA Q2 2016 An open-world PC game set in Hyboria, players will be able to create unique characters and team-up and survive. 

Batman: A Telltale Game Series SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 An interactive and episodic series based on Batman, his villians, and Gotham done in the Telltale style.
Conan Exiles SEPTEMBER 13, 2016 An open-world PC game set in Hyboria, players will be able to create unique characters and team-up and survive. 
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan SEPTEMBER 21, 2016  Fight fan favorite enemies and take back the streets of New York in this 4-player online co-op with an original story by IDW Comics' Tom Waltz.
Final Fantasy XV SEPTEMBER 30, 2016 The fifteenth installment of the main Final Fantasy series follows the story of Noctis who must defeat the forces of Niflheim and rescue the crystals. 
Batman: Arkham VR OCTOBER 2016 See Arkham in a whole new way as Rocksteady Games' latest Batman Arkham game uses VR technology to put players behind the cowl.
Dishonored 2 NOVEMBER 11, 2016 Play as Empress Emily Kaldwin or assassian Corvo Attano and take back the throne from an otherworldly usurper to save the Empire of the Isles again.
Telltale's The Walking Dead: Season 3 FALL 2016  Clementine returns in the latest season of Telltale's video game adaptation of the best selling comic series.  
Dead Rising 4 HOLIDAY 2016 Frank is back to bash in more zombie brains in the Christmas themed fourth installment of the hit Capcom franchise.  
 Cuphead  TBA 2016   Inspired by the cartoons of the 1930s, you play as Cuphead or Mugman in this side scrolling run and gun fighting for your soul after a deal with the devil goes wrong.
Dead Island 2 TBA 2016  In this sequel, taking place several months after the first Dead Island, you must now defend California from an onslaught of infected.
The Legend of Zelda TBA 2016 The nineteenth main installment and the first with HD graphics, this open world adventure follows Link, Zelda, and Ganon.
Kingdom Hearts III TBA 2016 Sora is back, along with Donald, Goofy, King Mickey, and Riku to search for the guardians of light across popular Disney locations in order to stop Master Xehanort.
Final Fantasy 7 Remake TBA 2016  The ground breaking Playstation One game is being remade for the Playstation Four with updated graphics and a new combat system.

 Title  Release Date  Notes
Tekken 7  EARLY 2017 The popular fighting game franchise returns for a seventh installment, featuring Street Fighter's Akuma. 
Resident Evil 7  JANUARY 24, 2017 Travel back to the mansion with the latest installment of Capcom classic horror franchise.  
BattleTech TBA Q1 2017 The classic board game is back and on PC from the franchise creator and the producer of MechCommander and MechAssault.
 Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night  MARCH 2017 Former Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi is bringing his "Metroidvania" style game to PC and consoles. 
Them's Fightin' Herds APRIL 2017  Originally created as a My Little Pony fan game, Lauren Faust stepped in after a cease and desist notice to bring this pony fighting game back.
Shenmue III  DECEMBER 2017 Shenmue creator Yu Suzuki is finally bringing the epic story to a close thanks to one of the highest funded Kickstarters ever.
Mass Effect Andromeda TBA 2017 A new adventure in the Mass Effect universe, players will return to space in Bioware's popular sci-fi series.
Star Wars Battlefront 2 TBA 2017 Just in time for Star Wars Episode VIII, return to the world of Battlefront and choose your side in the war between the Empire and the Rebels.
Injustice: Gods Among Us 2 TBA 2017  The battle for the DC Universe isn't over yet as players get to choose their favorite superheroes and villians to battle each other. 
Prey (2017) TBA 2017 Bethesda Studios is giving an old project a new life with an all new version of Prey.
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild TBA 2017  The latest Legend of Zelda game lets Link explore a beautiful open world. 
Psychonauts 2 TBA 2018 The cult classic game from Double Fine is finally getting a sequel thanks to a crowd funding drive, as players will once again take control of Raz and his friends.

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