Diamond Comic Distributors

Diamond Comic Distributors was established in 1982 to provide comic book specialty retailers with wholesale, non-returnable comic books and related merchandise.

After more than 20 years of service, Diamond has emerged as the world's largest distributor of English-language comics, graphic novels, and related pop-culture merchandise, with a network of strategically-located Distribution Centers throughout the world.

Our Founder and President, Steve Geppi, doesn't believe in second-place efforts. He knows that Diamond's success comes from offering retail customers the best — in products, in discounts, and in personalized customer service. That's why we bring our customers the merchandise they want at a fair price, and deliver it to them quickly, accurately, and reliably.

Above all, Diamond treats its customers with one important thing: respect.


Alliance Game Distributors, Inc.

Alliance offers the largest selection of Hobby Games products of any distributor in the US -a full line distributor with an extensive selection of Role-playing Games, Collectible Card Games, Miniature Games, Anime, Board Games, Brushes, Paints, Dice, and Hobby Accessories. With over 30 dedicated sales reps whose singular goal is to help your store succeed, and a completely integrated preorder, ordering and warehouse system with direct access to live inventory and backfill capability at their disposal, you can be assured that your order will be handled with precision and care to detail.

Alliance also publishes Game Trade Magazine, the gaming industry's leading consumer preorder guide. Each issue is filled with adventures, fiction, and product previews from industry icons, and features the Alliance Preorder Guide – an informative catalog offering advance solicitations, complete with descriptions and images, for items releasing in the next few months. GTM provides the perfect opportunity for stores to learn about upcoming products, and to inform their customers of future product before the store’s orders are due.

Diamond International Galleries

Since its opening in 1995, Diamond International Galleries has regularly been at the heart of many significant opportunities to preserve, promote and present historical comic character collectibles, and enjoys its position as the preeminent display house of such items.

Alongside original classic comic books, movie posters, premiums and other toys, original works by such artists as Carl Barks, Gustav Tengren, Alex Ross, Murphy Anderson, Joe Shuster, Joe Simon and Charles Schulz, among others, are on display

Whether assisting in such projects as DC’s Archive series, or hosting industry and other events, the Gallery staff is highly active and influential in numerous areas of collecting. Gallery personnel have served as reference sources for the mainstream media, and they have also contributed significantly to an increased awareness of comic character collectibles by writing articles, and contributing information and advice to a wide array of periodicals and price guides from different publishers.

Since its inception, Diamond International Galleries has also booked numerous record sales of individual collectibles.

Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles

Founded in 1999, Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles, LLC creates unique and exciting collectibles for children and adults alike. The company holds licenses for a variety of top-rated pop culture properties, including characters from Marvel Comics, Battle of the Planets, Edward Scissorhands, and many more.

Diamond UK

As Diamond Comic Distributors’ British counterpart, the London, England-based Diamond UK works closely with overseas comics retailers to bring the hottest comic books and related merchandise to fans throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

E. Gerber Products

E. Gerber Products, LLC was started by Ernst Gerber in 1977 after he developed the first and only edge sealing Mylar® process, a process that was then patented. The company's patented equipment has been sold worldwide and is used by organizations such as the Library of Congress and the Comic Conservation Company. Other firsts for E. Gerber Products, LLC include offering the first acid-free boxes and acid-free backing boards to collectors and publishing the respected Photo Journal Guide to Comics. The company is known to collectors and archivists around the world for its high quality storage and preservation products, including several varieties of Mylar® bags and sleeves, custom backing boards, archival tape, and acid-free storage boxes.

Gemstone Publishing

Best known as the home of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, Gemstone Publishing was formed by Diamond Comic Distributors President and Chief Executive Officer Stephen A. Geppi as a conduit for his efforts in preserving and promoting the history of the comics medium.

In the early 1990s, Gemstone separately acquired Russ Cochran Publisher and Overstreet Publications, which brought with them The Complete EC Library and the noted line of price guides, respectively. As a result, Gemstone also publishes The Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide, The Big Big Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, Hake's Price Guide to Character Toys, and The Overstreet Toy Ring Price Guide, and co-published Tales of Terror! - The EC Companion with Fantagraphics Books. Gemstone has also published to date 13 hardcover volumes in the EC Archives series, reprinting the original EC Comics from the 1950s in chronological sequence in a high-quality format.

From 2003 through 2008, Gemstone, in collaboration with Disney Publishing Worldwide, published Disney Comic Books featuring many of the beloved characters that had not appeared on comics shop shelves for years, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and others.

In 2002, Gemstone added Scoop, a free, weekly information e-mail newsletter, to its list of popular publications.

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

Geppi’s Entertainment Museum is an unprecedented journey through American history with a focus on pop culture. Toys and comic characters shaped us as children through a magical blend of entertainment and education. Visitors travel from the late 1700s to the present day as they revisit favorite characters and celebrities including; Superman, Supergirl, Batman, Howdy Doody, Betty Boop, Little Richard, Elvis and many more as they evolved from the familiar heroes of yesterday to the pop culture icons of today!

Hake's Americana & Collectibles

Hake's Americana & Collectibles is widely known as the nation's premier pop culture collectible mail-, Internet-, and phone-bid auction house. In 1965, while still a college student, Founder Ted Hake began to issue carbon copy sales lists consisting of political pinback buttons. Customer reaction was beyond all expectations, with many customers disappointed to learn that an item of interest had been sold a day or two before they could place an order. To address this problem, Hake decided to conduct his sales in auction format. Over the years, Hake has authored 15 collectibles price guides on subjects ranging all the way from presidential campaign artifacts to television collectibles. Diamond International Galleries acquired Hake’s Americana & Collectibles in March 2004.


Published by Gemstone Publishing and Diamond International Galleries, Scoop is a weekly e-newsletter produced for the benefit of all who enjoy the hobby of collecting. Every section of Scoop contains valuable information including Industry News, Auction Prices, Catch the Wave (trends), Off The Presses, Mondo Media, “Did You Know?”, and more. Best of all, Scoop is available free of charge! To view the latest edition, or to sign up, visit Scoop online at http://scoop.diamondgalleries.com.

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